Coffee Roasts Explained

The most popular type of coffee in the United States is Arabica. But if you want to know more about the coffee, let’s take a look at some different types of roasts.
There are two main types of coffee roasts – dark or light. The darker roast will have a richer flavor and a higher acidity level, along with a lower caffeine level, because the beans have been roasted for longer periods of time. Light roasts have been roasted for less time, so they have a milder flavor and lower acidity levels, and usually higher caffeine levels.

Coffee roasts are not just a personal preference. They also come with different flavors and tastes.
The lightest roast is called the ‘American roast’ and is the first step in the roasting process. It has a flavor that is lighter and has notes of caramel, toffee, and hazelnut.
The second step – medium roast – has a flavor that’s stronger than an American roast but lighter than a dark or Italian roast. It has notes of coriander, lime, plum, and chocolate as well as some maltiness.
Dark roasts have a strong taste and can produce flavors such as cinnamon, cocoa, cola, smokey chocolate, vanilla, or coffee beans on their own without any additives needed for flavorings.
The Light-medium roast carries some of the light roast and medium roast flavors as the medium-dark roast carries some of the medium and dark roast flavors.